Combine Results: Wide Receiver:

The wide receiver group tested at the Combine today, and it was a far more promising group than we saw with the running backs yesterday.

The full rankings are now posted at the Wide Receiver Rankings Page. Please note that many of the results are estimates as players did not complete all necessary drills — particularly in the case of missing agility drills, the results are approximate.

Excluding approximate results, the top 5 Combine WR SPARQ results belonged to Josh Doctson, Devon Cajuste, Chris Moore, Marquez North, and Trevor Davis.

–Josh Doctson had an incredible day. He tested out in the 94th percentile of NFL WRs and showed excellent explosion, speed, and agility at 6’2″/200. It’s hard to imagine him not being selected in the top 20 picks in April.

–Stanford WR Devon Cajuste had an insane 3-cone for his size, one of the best ever recorded at the Combine. When considered as a tight end, he ranks in the 88th SPARQ percentile.

–Sterling Shepard is awesome and tested out much better than many expected. With a good pro day performance in the agility drills (possible considering his apparent agility on the field), he could join the elite athletic class.

–It was a no good, very bad day for Tyler Boyd, Hollywood Higgins, and Duke Williams. Higgins and Boyd will foster quite a bit of discussion over the next two months.

Corey Coleman day will have to wait until the Baylor pro day. I have not lost the faith.

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