Combine Results: All positions poste

SPARQ rankings for Combine results at all positions are now available on the rankings page.

Please note:

–I decided not to calculate approximate SPARQ results for a few high-profile prospects who didn’t complete all Combine drills. This is particularly relevant for Robert Nkemdiche and Charles Tapper. I project each to among the top at their position.

–Rankings will be updated to reflect pro day data. I haven’t included any yet. It’s just easier to update with a big chunk of data after we accumulate a week or two of results.

–Some players are probably not at the ideal position, particularly with DL/EDGE/LB, where lines are a little blurrier than elsewhere. Let me know on twitter @zjwhitman if you feel someone listed at the wrong position.

–There will inevitably be a few birthdays where I fat-fingered the year. Let me know if something looks off (but not with Andrew Billings. Yes, he was born in 1995. Stop tweeting me about 1996, please and thank you).


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