SPARQ Rankings 2019

It’s unbelievably unfortunate that Farley’s injury list is pretty tough. Otherwise, he would have been a guaranteed top 10 pick and would have topped the CB list in this draft. There is not much to criticize about the player himself, except for a few small things. After an incredible 2018, he performed phenomenally in 2019, which placed him at the top of this year’s CB class together with Patrick Surtain II and Jaycee Horn.

First, this: Thanks to Virginia Tech, Farley has experience in both zone and man-to-man coverage. In zone coverage, he can make great use of his perhaps best trait (judgment and positioning). Virginia Tech mainly used zone coverage in the end zone, and this was where Farley could show this especially.

We can hardly show every route here, but there is actually no route that Farley cannot defend. While Surtain is really fantastic on specific courses, Farley can actually protect any way well. From short passes and slants to midrange and long balls. He is athletic and fast enough (something Surtain lacks a bit) to cover deep balls well. He can even cover TEs if needed.

Qualities as a bookmakers NFL

Because of bookmakers and athleticism or explosiveness, he can also function as a Blitzer. This is something he is more made for than Surtain. He even can tweak his approach halfway through the blitz and still cover a receiver or RB. A treasured addition to your defence.