An analysis on Kwity Paye

Kwity Paye spent two full years and a half at Michigan. His 2020 season was short and sweet due to an injury. However, especially in the game vs Minnesota, he still showed the Paye who played so, especially in 2019. There are still some question marks when it comes to his technique and its consistency. Still, in general, Paye seems to be already further along in his development than Rousseau. The question that remains: is it better?

The biggest flaw at the moment is its positioning. Especially in the running game, he sometimes forgets to put the edge, and the pure pass rusher in him comes out. Just when this is not the intention. There were times when he showed that he could, but it still happens too often that RBs saw a lot of space on the side because Paye went in instead of checking the outside and forcing the RB in.

This, too, all has to do with consistency. There are times when Paye looks like a top-10 pick, but there are also times when you think, could he be a first-round talent? In some games, he had no influence whatsoever. He was invisible, and in some games (like vs Minnesota last season), he single-handedly demolished the opponent’s offensive line. If Paye can bring this consistency throughout the season and be technically well-coached at the NFL level, Paye is a home run from a pick in the 15-30 range.


Two other side notes: Paye only played four games in 2020 due to an injury. It is also the only injury he has experienced so far, but it is something to be reckoned with. Furthermore, Paye, just like Rousseau, is not suitable for coverage. In a 4-3 system, he will therefore be more like DE than EDGE, but with Paye you have (unlike Rousseau) a bit more versatility in that respect. A 4-3 system can act (as a three-technique or just standing) as both DE and DT due to its functional strength.

Kwity Paye, just like Rousseau, certainly still has some steps to take and already has more match experience (at a somewhat higher college level). Also a bit more versatile and further as a player than Rousseau is. Also for Paye is that he can become an all-pro in the NFL with good coaching. However, as with Rousseau (and many of these EDGE rushers in this class). The NFL team that drafts him may also see the other side of the coin.

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